First blog post

Another new blog. This is very first post.

Well then, ‘Hello World!’? 



Maybelline White Super Fresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder (2 Years Later)

Finally I ditched my Maybelline White Super Fresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder. Wow, that’s a mouthful name.

I have it more than two years (I think) and I know, I’m supposedly ditch it a long time ago. But, hey… at the time I’m suppose to do that, I  hit the pan. With this powder, it was a love-hate relationship. I love the fact that I could mattify my skin and it makes my skin brighter throughout the day.

At the same time, I hate that it enhances the dryness of my skin, it settles in the pores and I hate the texture. I feel that the powder is not fine at all.

All the raves about this powder around the internet, I’m still giving it a try. In the end, it was the least grab item to finished of my look. You can see that, there is product left after being kept in my vanity for more than two years.

Tengoklah. Obvious-lah kan face powder ni bukan my favorite.